Bakery products


Heinz bakes with passion. Mediterranean, rustic bread rolls and loaves of bread made by hand are our speciality. The range also includes cakes and slices as well as seasonal products.


Thanks to its own development department the company can come onto the market with new baking ideas in a flexible and prompt manner. Specific wishes of our customers – bakeries, bakery shops, the hotel and catering industry, kitchens and canteens – can also be quickly fulfilled.


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Frozen Bakery products


Heinz offers an extensive range of high-quality frozen bakery products. Bread variations and delicious special bread rolls provide our customers with a wide selection. As a partner of the wholesale and specialised bakery trade we provide product-specific advice and deliver products on time with our frozen product logistics partners.



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Sandwich & More


“From baker to snack maker” is also part of the Heinz philosophy. Up to 15,000 sandwiches, snacks, salads and toppings as well as desserts are freshly prepared every day in our own, fully air-conditioned production rooms.


Consequently, Heinz is also a leading producer of snack food catering products for the fast growing field of consumption outside the home.


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Seasonal products


Heinz always has something special on offer for its customers, depending on the season.


Our unique Fasching range is famous throughout the country with its huge variety of doughnuts and decorations. Doughnut flavours include apricot and currant.

At Easter, we offer a wide variety of exclusive products, the highlight being our decorated sand-cake Easter eggs with different fillings.

During the Oktoberfest season our handmade pretzels are a classic at the world’s largest folk festival.

We offer our Christmas bakery assortment in a variety of special packages.

Cakes as required
Our products range from classic cakes like Prinzregenten, Sacher, Black Forest gateau etc. to seasonal and birthday cakes. Of course, our range also includes slices and desserts.


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